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Britain passed the stamp act because they needed more of this:$$$

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The Boston tea party

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Q: What was the effect of Britain passing the Stamp Act?
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What was the effect Britain passed the stamp act?

The colonists protested

What was the effect of Britain passes the stamp act?

The Boston tea party

What did the passage of the Stamp Act lead to?

The passing of the Stamp Act led to the Boston Tea Party.

What day was the passing of the stamp act?

The Stamp Act was passed on March 22nd 1765, which was a Friday.

Why are the stamp act and Townshend acts effect Britain needing money?

It was an effect because they needed money to pay for thefrench & indian war.

What act passed in Britain resulted in the frist colonial boycott a British goods?

stamp act

Where did the stamp act go into effect?

The Stamp Act went into effect in the British colonies in America. This act was passed by the British Parliament in 1765.

What was the British reaction to the Stamp Act protests?

The British did not like the Stamp Act because it caused the colonies to boycott trade with Great Britain. As a result, the Parliament of Great Britain repealed the Stamp Act and replaced it with the Declaratory Act.

When did Britain get rid of the stamp act?


Colonists reacted to taxes imposed by the British by?

The colonists were angry because of the famous line "no taxation without representation." Britain kept passing acts and the colonists had no say. The Sugar Act and Townshend Acts had been passed before the Stamp Act. In the end, Britain did repeal (get rid of) the Stamp Act, but then passed an act requiring the colonists to house British soldiers.

When did the stamp act stop?

The Stamp Act last occurred on March 22, 1765. The Stamp Act was Britain's solution to gathering funds for it's military. Britain felt that the new colonies were benefiting from the military's service, so should pay for it. The Stamp Act was first proposed to the colonies in February of that year, being open to their suggestion to raise money in some other way. When no other solution were agreed upon the Stamp Act was put in effect.

Why are the Stamp Act and Townshend Acts effects of Britain needing money?

It was an effect because they needed money to pay for thefrench & indian war.