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Help revitalize and stabilize neighborhoods and help remodel and rehabilitate existing homes in the US.

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Q: What was the federal government 203k program designed to help people?
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Where does federal government get its power?

The Constitution creates the federal government and grants various powers to the 3 branches of government. The federal government has gained power over time through precedent - where it has exercised power at the time, and no one has objected or stopped it, so it is free to do so again. In general, the Federal government has the power it does because the people give their power to it.

What is the federal government's ability to draft people into the army?

an implied power

What federal government does?

the federal government exists to protect the people from enemies foreign and domestic, as well as provide for the people with certain things such as speed limit laws or justice system to protect citizens from citizens

What does the word federal mean when we speak of the federal government?

When used correctly, the word "federal" (as in "federal system") refers to the division of political power between the national government and the state governments. However, people use the word "federal" as a synonym for the word "national." Therefore, when people use the phrase, "Today, the federal government decided...." they are (usually) referring to the national government and not the division of power between the national and state governments. This is an example of a technical term in political science being incorrectly used.

What is a federal govt?

The US federal government are the three branches that oversee the nation as a whole and connect the 50 states into one federation. Each state had authority in its own area. The federal government's duties and powers are listed in the first three articles of the constitution.The federal government is the government that manages the whole country's including, taxes and national security

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What was the federal goverment's 203k program designed to help people do?

Fix up their homes

The Fifth Amendment protects people from the federal government?

The Fifth Amendment protects people from the federal government.

What does the word federal imply?

The word federal refers to the federal government, or the largest form of government in the United States. It can also refer to taxes which are paid to the federal government or people who work for the federal government.

Healthy People 2010 is a government program initiative designed to?

The Healthy people 2010 program was designed to increase the quality and years of healthy life and help get rid of health issues. The initiative was created in 2000 and was a challenge to communities and individuals to create goals to help them create healthy and longevity.

What was the federal government's 203k program designed to help people do?

fix up their homes

Why was the Constitution ordained for the people and not for the government of individual states?

The Constitution was designed to established a federal government which represented every state. The founders believed that each state would serve as an experiment in what would work and what would not work. Finally, the individual states and their citizens feared a strong and repressive federal government. So they wrote the Constitution as a document that limited the power of the federal government.

Who prosecutes people accused of breaking federal laws?

The federal government.

do the American people have power in our federal government?

Yes. The American people decide who is allowed to hold what position in the federal government during elections.

What does social security mean?

Social Security is a Bankrupted Government Program that was started with good intentions of providing some (not all) retirement money to the American workers once they retired from the work force.It has since been looted by congress, to pay for the many other 'handout' programs they have in place today and many other inappropriate things they have chosen to spend your money on.

Which of these is a federal program operated by the states and provides health care coverage for some low-income people who cannot afford it?

Medicaid is a joint state-federal program that provides medical and hospital benefits to low income persons. It is administered by the states according to mandates set forth by the federal government, and is financed by tax dollars.

Theodore Roosevelt improve federal government?

Increasing number of people supported expanding the role of the federal government to ensure the welfare of people. Roosevelt believed the federal government should act as a "trustee" for the American people, by controlling and supervising the economy in the public interest.

Housing subsidized by the federal government for people earning small incomes?

Authorized the federal government to clear slums and to build 810,000 units of low-income housing, or housing subsidized by the federal government for people earning small incomes