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the french and Indian war

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Q: What was the firs battle of the Revolutionary War called?
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Was the war of saratoga part of the Revolutionary War?

Yes it was called The Battle of Saratoga

What are trading ships that are armed for battle in the revolutionary war?

they were called privateers

What battle basically ended the Revolutionary War?

the battle at Yorktown basically ended the revolutionary war.

When was the battle of Boston during the revolutionary war?

June, 1775. It's called the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Is the battle of Sullivan's island a battle during the revolutionary war?

Yes, the battle of Sullivan's island was during the Revolutionary war.

Was the Revolutionary War the same as the battle of Saratoga?

The Battle of Saratoga was part of the Revolutionary War. It was considered the turning point of the war.

What years did the Revolutionary War occur?

the revolutionary war started in 1765 (i think) and ended in 1781

Battle of Bunker Hill ended the revolutionary war?

No, the Battle of Bunker Hill did not end the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Yorktown did.

Three major battles of the Revolutionary War?

The revolutionary war is the battle of lexington the battle of concord and the siege of Boston.

What was The name of the battle that marked the beginning of the revolutionary war?

The names of the battles that marked the beginning of the Revolutionary War were the Battle of Lexington and the Battle of Concord.

What was the last battle of the revelutionary war?

The last battle of the revolutionary war was The Battle of Yorktown.

Where and when were the first shoots of the Revolutionary War?

the first battle of the revolutionary war was the battle Lexington and Concord April 9, 1775