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Establishing a national park system ... apex

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Q: What was the first action taken by the federal government to protect the environment?
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What is it called when federal government demands that the states take action or do something?

Government procurement.

Which action by the federal government during the late 1800s is an example of nativism?

These photos are evidence of which action taken by the federal government during the late 1800s

What action did thomas Jefferson take to the lower the national debt?

The action Thomas Jefferson took to lower the national debt was that he streamlined government and increased sales of federal land.

What favors federal action?

The nationalist position favors federal action. Nationalists advocate for national unity and believe that the government will benefit the most from independence.

What does the federal government hopes to overcome of the past discrimination?

affirmative action

The primary goal of the Green Movement in Europe is to?

protect the environment through political action

Which action best reflects Thomas Jeffersons will to reduce the size and power of the federal government?

He cut federal spending.

Civil liberties are?

restrictions on government action that are intended to protect political freedoms

What did Washington do when farmers in western Pennsylvania challenged the authority of new federal government by the action known as the whiskey rebellion?

He used the authority of the federal government to put down the rebellion

When is environment day celebrated?

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5th every year to raise awareness and encourage action to protect our environment.

Two examples of forceful federal government action to organize the nation for war were?

draft and propaganda

What was added to the Constitution in order to protect citizens' rights from action of the national government?

Bill of rights!