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a holly.

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Q: What was the first tree in greenwood?
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What do British soldiers call the Give and Take Tree?

the "bastard" tree

Washington cherry tree?

The famous Cherry tree that is associated with George Washington was supposedly killed by him as a boy. He hit it with his hatchet. It was his father's favorite tree.

explain the irony of the local government making money by charging admission to see the tree?

Because the type of tree could be a rare tree or it is endangered

Where did johnny plant his first apple tree?

Possibly in Leominster, Massachusetts. It should first be noted that Johnny Appleseed is a character from an American folk tale. He isn't real. But he seems to have been based on an actual person, John Chapman, born in Leominster MA in 1774. According to the folk tale, Johnny Appleseed wandered the United States, spreading apple seeds wherever he went. The story also says he planted his first tree somewhere in Massachusetts. To this day, Leominster (pronounced LEMM-inster) claims that Johnny's first apple tree was planted in their city. The reason they make that claim is because of John Chapman. He was indeed born in Leominster, and became a Christian missionary; in addition to his church work, he loved to plant gardens, especially nurseries where apple trees could flourish. In addition to growing apples in Massachusetts, Chapman was later credited with introducing the apple tree to various parts of the midwest, and at some point, the character of Johnny Appleseed was created to describe his efforts.

Why is the sitka spruce the state tree of Alaska?

Most Valuable Tree Species in Alaska:House Bill No. 325 proposed the Sitka spruce, "the most valuable tree species in Alaska," as the official state tree of Alaska. The legislation was approved and the Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) became the official tree of the state on February 28, 1962.

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