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Brutal they would chop peoples heads off and play kick-ball with them. (They would play with the loser's heads.)

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Q: What was the government like for the incas?
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What type of government do type Incas have?

Incas have a democratic government

What was the Incas government?


What was the Incas food like?

what was the incas food like

What kind of government did the Incas have?


What form of government did the incas have? was a monarchy

What advantages did the Spanish had over the Incas?

The Spanish had advantages such as superior weaponry including guns and armor, as well as horses which the Incas had never encountered before. The Spanish also had diseases like smallpox that the Incas were not immune to, causing devastating epidemics that weakened the Inca population. Additionally, the Spanish had a centralized government and military organization, while the Incas were a more decentralized empire.

What is the accumulated learning for the incas?

The incas. Is so ugly they look like a horse

What was Incas government?

About 12 million people lived in the Inca Empire. To rule this vast empire, the Incas formed a strong central government. The Incas didn't want conquered peoples to have too much power. So to prevent this, they made the leaders of conquered areas move out of their villages. Then they brought in new leaders. These leaders were loyal to the Inca government. The Inca government controlled the economy. Incas 'paid' their government in labor, instead of paying taxes. This labor tax system was called the mita. Under the mita, the Inca government told each household what work they had to do.

How did the incas build their government?

they used cement and made the worlds largest incan road system

Did all Incas go to school?

No, not all Incas went to school. Education in the Inca Empire was primarily reserved for the nobility and elite classes, with specific schools (yachaywasi) established to educate children of the ruling class in subjects like religion, history, and government. Commoners generally did not have access to formal education.

What system of government did the ancient incas have?

they had a modern day government. it worked vary well until the Spanish took over.

How did the incas build an empire in a difficult environment?

The Incas built an empire by utilizing a variety of strategies such as a centralized government, efficient communication networks (like the Inca road system), agricultural innovations (like terraced farming), and strong military organization. They also assimilated local cultures and tribes into their empire through diplomacy and strategic alliances. These factors allowed the Incas to thrive and expand their empire in a challenging Andean environment.