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The civil war was the greatest crisi of the American federal system.

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Q: What was the greatest crisis of the American federal system?
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What was the plan that reformed how American banks were organized in the early 1900?

The plan that reformed how American banks were organized in the early 1900s was the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. This act established the Federal Reserve System, which decentralized banking reserves, created a more stable monetary system, and provided a lender of last resort in times of financial crisis. It aimed to promote economic stability and regulate the banking industry.

What system of government is largely an American invention?


What form of government created the federal reserve system?

The American Republic created the first federal reserve system.

What level of the justice system has the largest effect on the American people?

federal court system

The American government is a federal system. This means that?

powers are shared between state and federal governments

What were the 3 parts of the American system?

The American System was made up of reinforcing parts: a tariff, a national bank and federal subsidies

What is a similarity between the parliamentary system of government and the American federal system of government?

They both have an Executive. ;)

What are the two main types are in the American judicial system?

state and federal

The complexity of the American federal system encourages what?

The complexity of the American federal system encourages separation of power among the three arms of government. It also encourages the sharing of power between the central government and the states.

What statement best describes how federalism changed as a result of the Great Depression?

state government came to depend on federal money to help them financially during a crisis (apex )

What was the name of Henry clay's plan to strengthen the economy of each region of the nation and keep the federal government strong?

The "American System".

Is the American government system made up of mostly a federal government?