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Collective farming or communal farming

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Q: What was the large government owned farms were known as?
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Large farms owned and operate by peasants was formed by who?

Collective farms are a type of farm that are owned and operated as a joint enterprise by peasants. They are also known as communal farms.

Are most farms in Kenya owned by farmers and not the government?


What is a form of government in which farms and factories owned by the government?


Large farms owned and operated by peasants as a group?


Who owned most of the bonanza farms that developed in the late S's?

Large companies.

Who owned most of bonanza farms that developed in the late 1800s?

Large companies.

Who owned most bonanza farms that developed in the late 1800s?

Large companies.

What replaced small farms in rome?

The small farms were replaced by large landed estates (latifundia) owned by rich people.

What is it called when farms and machinery are owned as a group?

It's not just farms - the concept is known as a Cooperative, or Co-Op.

What are some differences between a state farm and a collective farm?

A state farm is owned and operated by the government, while a collective farm is owned collectively by a group of individual farmers. State farms focus on large-scale industrial agriculture, while collective farms emphasize communal ownership and cooperative labor. State farms are typically more centralized and bureaucratic in structure, while collective farms involve more decentralized decision-making among the member farmers.

Soviet farms were either collective farms or?

either state farms, consumer farms, corporate owned farms, or family owned farms

What large group of southerns owned small farms of about 50 to 200 acres?