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Q: What was the longest period of time during which no amendment was added to the Constitution was from when years from when to when between amendment what and amendment what?
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What amendment was ratified during taft's presidency?

The XVI Amendment to the Constitution was ratified in 1913 (Income Tax).

How many amendment were added in the constitution in the 20th century?

12 of the 27 amendments were ratified during the 20th century. the amendment that took the longest to be ratified was congressional pay, passed in 1992 it took 202 years 7 months and 12 days to be ratified

What amendment states Indian constitution is a mini constitution?

the 42nd amendment of 1976 is called the mini constitution. It was enacted during the time of emergency by the congress government headed by Indira Gandhi.

The second Amendment of the Constitution protects us from quartering of troops during time of war?

The 2nd Amendment is the right to keep and bear arms. It is the 3rd Amendment that you are looking for.

Why was the first amendment so important during the revolutionary war?

The First Amendment didn't exist during the Revolutionary War, which happened before the Constitution and Bill of Rights had been enacted.

What amendment isquartering of British soldiers in private homes during the colonial period?

There is no amendment before the revolution. The constitution wasn’t written until 1787.

A proposed amendment to the Illinois Constitution must be approved by ____________.?

Three-fifths of all the voters during a general election

What is the relationship between slavery and constitution?

Slavery was a divisive issue during the drafting of the U.S. Constitution, with compromises such as the Three-Fifths Compromise and the Fugitive Slave Clause included to appease slaveholding states. The Constitution did not abolish slavery but did pave the way for its eventual abolition through amendments like the Thirteenth Amendment.

The Second Amendment was added to the Constitution to?

Because during the Revolutionary War (Era Due to the writing of Constitution and Bill Of Rights) They allow the permission of owning guns to defend yourself.

What fraction of state legislatures must approve an amendment to the US Constitution?

Three-fourths of state legislatures must approve an amendment proposed by Congress to the United States Constitution. An alternate method of ratification is for three-fourths of states must vote in favor of the amendment during a ratifying convention. This alternate method has only been used one time, for the ratification of the Twenty-First Amendment which repealed Prohibition.

What is the 21st Amendment?

it was the prohibition act (no alcohal) The 21st amendment to the United States constitution repealed the 18th amendment to the United States constitution which had mandeted nationwide prohibition.

What was The Minerva Mills case?

1.During Indira Gandhi's regime the 42nd amendment act of the Parliament brought about a sweeping change in the provisions of the constitution. Under this amendment Article 368, which gives amending power to the Parliament, was so modified that any further amendment of the constitution would be immune from being questioned in a court of law. This period witnessed a tilt of power in favour of the Parliament. However the balance between the two organs was again restored by the Minerva Mills case in 1980, where the SC ruled that the 'judicial review', being a basic feature of constitution, couldn't be taken away by the Parliament by amendment of constitution. A key implication of this judgment is that the SC had empowered itself to sit on the judgment over any law passed by Parliament or any amendment done, to see their constitutionality.