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Q: What was the name of kingdom of raja dashrath?
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Who was killed by dashrath in ramayan?

Sharavan Kumar was killed by Raja Dashrath when he (Sharavan) was collectingwater for his blind parents. Dashrath shot a Shabd Bhedi Vaan by mistake consideringthe sound made by Shravan as that of an animal. In his grief, the old father cursed the king that he too would one day suffer putrasoka (grief of separation from one's progeny) just like they were suffering. The old couple then gave up their lives, not wanting to live after consuming water offered by their son's killer.Ketan Tiwari

What is raja?

"Raja" is the Hindu word for "King"

Who wrote under the pen name of Brahma?

Raja Birbal (1528-1583) was a poor Hindu Brahmin who was appointed to the court of Akbar for his intelligence, and became the court jester. Born by the name Maheshdas, he was conferred the name Raja Birbal by the Emperor. Birbal's duties in Akbar's court were mostly military and administrative but he was also a very close friend of the emperor, who liked Birbal most for his wit and humor. There are many witty stories of exchanges and interactions between the monarch and his minister that are popular today. Birbal was also a poet and his collections under the pen name "Brahma" are preserved in Bharatpur Museum. Raja Birbal died in battle, attempting to quell unrest amongst Afghani tribes in Northwest India.

What is the longest country name in the world?

The country with the longest name is the UK, whose formal name is 'The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland', with forty-eight letters.

What is the informal name of the UK stock exchange?

London stock exchange is the informal name of the United Kingdom's stock exchange. The stock exchange is located at Paternoster Square.