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During the gold rush of 1849 CE, people used several different mining methods. Pickaxes were used both to break apart and dig in the ground as well as to break apart large stones.Ê

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Pickaxes are generally used to break up rocky surfaces or hard areas, particularly useful for mining to get through rocks and break them into smaller rocks.

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They used it for smashing quartz or rocks containing gold.

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Q: What was the pick axe in the gold rush used for?
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How do you get gold in castle miner z?

first make a stone pick axe then mine copper then make a copper pick axe then mine iron then make a iron pick axe then mine gold then make a gold pick axe and mine dimonds then make a dimond pick axe then mine bloodston then make a bloodstone pick axe and you can mine anything really fast

Is a pick axe used to pan for gold?

a pick axe is used for panning you use it to break rock and you put it in the pan and go to water and you swirl the pan in a circular motion. i hope this helped :)

What pick axe do you use to mine gold in Minecraft?

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What can a gold pick axe mine in terraria v1.1.2?

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What equipment was used to mine gold?

To mine gold the equipment used were pick axe and that is it. actual there are many things used to mine gold E.G a pan cradle sluice string(for shaft mining) now that's all!

What do people do in the mine?

They get a pick axe and hit it in a rock to find gold, rubies, emeralds, etc

What do people do in mines?

They get a pick axe and hit it in a rock to find gold, rubies, emeralds, etc

How much did a pick axe cost during the gold rush?

During the California gold rush, few people made their fortune panning or mining gold. The real winners were the merchants, who were smart enough to know that selling certain essential items that had huge demand, would make them wealthy. Needed tools drew enormous prices such as the pick ax, which went for $50 a piece.

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with an pick axe

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