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Q: What was the plantation policy?
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What events led to the white Australia policy?

the gold rush, the pearl divers, sugarcane plantation.

What was plantation policy?


What events led up to the White Australia Policy?

the gold rush, the pearl divers, sugarcane plantation.

Why is plantation called plantation?

Plantation is called plantation because.. In the word plantation there is PLANT, the word plant signifies plantation...thing that grow like plants.. IN BARNS Plantation is a barn.

Where are some plantation hotels located?

Monmouth Plantation and Magnolia Plantation Hotel are plantation hotels located in Mississippi. Boone Hall Plantation is located in South Carolina. Sandals Royal Plantation is located in Jamaica.

Who is the plantation manger?

The southern plantation

Which historic plantation was used as the plantation manor in the movie Beulah Land?

the melrose plantation

Who ran the plantation for the plantation owner?

the overseer ran the plantation maybe buy slaves

What is the ISBN of The Plantation?

The ISBN of The Plantation is 0971574308.

What did plantation owners live in?

Plantation Houses

When was The Plantation created?

The Plantation was created in 2002.

What part's of Ireland did the plantation happen in?

There was a Munster plantation that started in 1586 and an UIlster plantation which started in 1606.