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it did not recieve support in congress

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Q: What was the problem with trumans fair deal?
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What was the nickname of trumans administration?

Fair Deal

Harrys trumans social and economic program was called the?

Fair Deal

What did trumans fair deal accomplish?

Truman's fair deal aimed to extend the New Deal's goals

Was Kennedy's legislative agenda called the fair deal?

no, Trumans was called the fair deal

Harry Trumans social and economic program was called?

the fair deal

What was eisenhower's middle way policy?

The middle way is a compromise between Roosevelts' New Deal and Trumans Fair deal. It was a prime example of modern republicanism adopted by Eisenhower.

What was problem with Truman's fair deal?

it did not recieve support in congress

Trumans fair deal aimed to create jobs build housing and create a health insurance system?

Truman ideal for jobs, housing and health care is great. They are working on a budget that works best.

Why was Fair Deal important?

It was a deal that was extremely fair.

What goal of president trumans ''fair deal'' were met?

providing public housing for poorer {you're welcome :}

What was the name of Truman's domestic program?

The Fair DealFair Deal. It built on Roosevelt's New Deal.

Why did president Truman create fair deal?

why did president Truman create the fair deal?well he created the fair deal because he wanted to find what his purpose was in life.