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1)To gain independence

2)Because of the arrival of the new gun which's cartridge consisted of animal grease. It was said to be that of cows and pigs. Pigs, which were forbidden to the Muslims and the cows that were holy to the Hindus.

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The short-term reasons for the War of Independence-1857 were:

1-English was established as the official language of the sub-continent in the place of Persian language.

2-Suttee and thuggee were banned.Though banning these practices was a good idea,still people rebelled against the decision as they thought the British did not want the Hindus to practice their releigion.*

3-All the judges and lawyers were English and even the laws were made by the English law.

4-Christian missionary schools were opened so that people could practice Christianity and convert as well.

5-Roads and transportation was made better but these were used mainly for transporting cheap raw material from India to England.

*Thuggee was when some robbers used to kill a traveller or passenger and said that they were sacrificing the people in the name of their goddess Kali.

Suttee was burning of widows on their husbands death-pyre which started according to Hindu belief when the Hindu goddess Suttee burnt herself alive in order to punish her father as he had said bad things about her husband before his death.

The long-term causes were:

1-Military causes

2-Religious causes

3-Social causes

4-Political causes

5-Economic causes

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The colonies were paying excessive taxes on traded goods and had no one to represent their concerns parliament . "No taxation without representation "

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Q: What was the reason for declaring independence?
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The words telling why the colonists are telling reasons for declaring their independence is, "Dissolve the political bands", and "Separate and equal station which the laws of nature's God entitle them",

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he believed the american declaring independence was the cause.

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The Colonies were declaring their Independence from Great Britain.

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Dont take my word for it, but i think it was because by declaring their independence, the mexican-american war was triggered.

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The arguments against declaring independence were that the declaration of independance would lead to war and the colonist would not be faithful

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In simple terms declaration of independence is the act of declaring the intent to become independent and cutting ties from the mother country. Revolutionary war is the cause of declaring independence. For example, If texas declared independence its intending to cut ties to the U.S. If the U.S. for some reason rejects its plea for independence than both texas and the U.S. disagree on a peaceful independence than it turns into a revolutionary war.

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