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The French consulate, designed by Napoleon.

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France became a Republic after removing King Louis from power.

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The Directory.

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Q: What was the type of government that replaced the French monarchy after the French Revolution?
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What do the American revolution the french revolution what do the American revolution the french revolution and the glorious revolution different?

I'm assuming you mean how all three are different. The America revolution was to break away from the Mother Country. The French revolution was to force the monarchy out of power so they could have a democratic government. The Glorious Revolution was to keep Catholics off throne of Protestant England because a Catholic heading the Anglican church just wouldn't work.

What kind of government did France have before the French Revolution?

Before the Revoultion, France was an Absolute Monarchy. The King ruled by Divine Right, and his command was law. There were a number of feudal institutions that had roles in the enforcement and overseeing of laws, such as the law courts known as the Parlements. But the King had the final right to enforce or overturn any law. He could imprison people at will and hold them without charge. He had the right to confer property and titles of nobility, and to take them away. The King and his Ministers ruled France directly. Nobles and the Catholic Church also had numerous traditional rights, such as the rights to collect certain levies from the people.

How did the storming of the Bastille effect the French Revolution?

The French revolution sent shock waves through the European monarchy. It left them all wondering who would be the next to be depose in a revolution. Many people around the world were affected by the french revolution not just England. It changed the way that people thought about being run by a monarchy or a royal family. People started to realise that this was not the way that many countries should have been run and wanted a change. The main reason Australia is a democracy today was because of the french revolution and fight against the monarchy.

What best describes a difference between the French and American revolutions?

The American Revolution created a lasting form of liberal government, while the French Revolution did not.

How did the French monarchy view the revolutions in Great Britain and the US?

It felt threatened by the success of the new government.

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Was the type of government that replaced the French monarchy after the French Revolution?

Napoleon took over, and replaced the monarchy by making France an Empire

The French Revolution successfully replaced what type of government?

The French Revolution overthrew the Absolute Monarchy of France.

What happen to Frances constitutional monarchy because of French Revolution?

After the French Revolution, the constitutional monarchy was briefly replaced by an absolute monarchy, then democracy.

What was outlawed during the French Revolution?

French Monarchy and replaced with a Republic

Rebellion in which the people of France overthrew and replaced the french monarchy?

French Revolution

French government during and after revolution?

They started out with a absolute monarchy, then after the revolution, changed to a limited monarchy.

The French Revolution was significant for Romantics because it brought down a and replaced it with a?

The romantics were oppressed by the french monarchy, thus with its downfall and its replacement by a republic the romantics were allowed much more liberty in their publications and such. WebRep currentVote noRating noWeight

Who was the French fighting in French revolution?

The french people were fighting to overthrow the monarchy that was their government.

What was the difference before the French revolution and after the French revolution?

The main difference was that the government was changed from a monarchy to a democracy.

What did the revolution in Great Britain and the US have on the French Government?

the french monarchy felt threatened

When the French Revolution abolished the monarchy its was finally replaced by a radical group called the?

National Convention

Did the government after the French Revolution last?

Until 1815 when the Monarchy was returned to power.