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His parents' names were Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington.

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Augustine Washington and Mary ball Washington

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Q: What were George Washington's parents' names?
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What are the names of george washingtons parents brothers and sisters?

his parents names where something and something. his brothers names are something and something. his sisters names where something and something

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George Washingtons parents names?

George Washingtonâ??s parents were Augustine and Mary Washington. He had 9 brothers and sisters, some of which did not live past childhood.

What were the names of George Washingtons horses he rode at Valley Forge?

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What did George Washingtons's parents do for a living?

His parents owned six plantations, they were planters (farmers).

What were washingtons parents names?

Augustine Washington and Mary ball Washington

What was George Washingtons step childrens name?

George Washington's stepchildren names are Patsy and Jacky.

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Who are George Washingtons Parents?

George Washington's father's name was Augustine, and his mother's name was Mary Ball. George Washington was president from 1789 to 1797.

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