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John lockes arguements were used to help humans keep their natural rights.

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Q: What were john Locke's arguments used for?
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What was john lockes contributions to American government?

John Locke's theories that contributed toward life, liberty and property for each individual were primary concepts borrowed and built into the American Constitution/Declaration.

Explain thomas hobbes and jonh lockes idea on how the government should function?

Thomas Hobbes (1651) and John Locke (1689) had the idea that the government cannot function as a strong system when power is shared or split between two or more groups.

How did john lockes philosophy change one nation?

United States: Locke formed the basis of the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson (writer of Declaration) based it on Locke's philosophy of natural rights, or as he called them, "inalienable rights," of life, liberty, and property.

How are arguments used in political campaigns?

A political argument is an instance of a logical argument applied to politics. Political arguments are used by academics, media pundits, candidates for political office and government officials. Political arguments are also used by citizens in ordinary interactions to comment about and understand political events. More often than not, political arguments tend to be circular, repeating the same facts as premises under perhaps slightly different guises. Much political argument concerns issues of taxation and government spending

Was john langdon in favor of bill of rights?

No, John Langdon was against a Bill of Rights. He believed everyone had been debating long enough, and it was time for action. He argued that the Constituion was clear already, but his arguments failed.

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Lockes arguments were used in the eighteenth century to?

In the 18th century, Locke's arguments were used to support the demands for constitutional government. John Locke was an English philosopher.

What were john lockes contributions to the decleration of independince?

Alot of his ideals were used by Thomas Jefferson when drafting our declaration of indendence.

What was john lockes form of government?

A Democratic System

When did John lockes father die?

John Locke's father died in 1661

What are john lockes philosophical influiences?

We do not have your list of people, but Jefferson was influenced by Locke. He used his philosophy in the Declaration.

What was john lockes education?

john Locke got Bachelor's and a Master's Degree from Oxford.

John lockes philosophy was?

human beings derive their rights from nature

What was john lockes philosophies?

He argued so that people have natural rights.

What is the difference between thomas hobbes and john lockes ideas?

It was how he farted a lot

What influence did john lockes idea on natural rights have on others?

Can anyone answer this one

How did John Lockes views affect Thomas Jefferson?

it helped him write the declaration of independance

What are some of john lockes major work?

came up with the idea of natural rights