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Well, he worked as a farmer for most of his child years, but once he was a tennager, he and a partner opened a mill shop and did quite well.

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Q: What were some jobs that Abraham Lincoln had during his teenage years?
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What did abraham lincoln do during his teenage years?

Abraham Lincoln's teenage life in Illinois was spent mostly on his farm, and he was notable for standing tall, and for being persistent in learning and reading. He likely lived the typical teenage life of the American MidWest at that time, with a few things different.

What country did Abraham Lincoln's family live during his Indiana years?

Abraham Lincoln spent his childhood years growing up in Spencer County, Indiana.

Abraham Lincoln was not the keynote speaker at the Gettysburg national cemetery during World War 2?

No, Abraham Lincoln had died 75 years before WWII began.

What were Abraham Lincoln retirement years?

As Abraham Lincoln was assassinated as president, he did not have a chance to retire.

How many years Abraham Lincoln farmed?

Abraham Lincoln was never a Farmer; his father, Thomas Lincoln was a Farmer.

Was Abraham Lincoln president during the revolutionary war?

No. George Washington was. Lincoln was President during the Civil War. He was born over 20 years after the Revolution ended.

How many years was Lincoln a lawyer?

Abraham Lincoln practiced law for over 20 years from 1836 to 1858. During the time he practiced law he also entered politics.

Abraham Lincoln died in 1865. The Lincoln Memorial was finished in 1922. How many years after Abraham Lincoln's death was the memorial finished?

58 years

Did Abraham Lincoln Mary todd Lincoln?

Abraham married Mary Todd in 1842, 3 years later when they met and abraham was 30 years old and Mary was 23 years old

What is Abraham Lincoln's phone number?

Abraham Lincoln was killed eleven years before the invention of the telephone.

How Many Years was Abraham Licoln president?

Abraham Lincoln, 1861-1865 4 years

What happened to the wife and children of Abraham Lincoln?

two of his sons had died young. i dont no about the rest Abraham Lincoln had four children Edward Baker Lincoln, Thomas Lincoln and William Wallace Lincoln died at a young age while Robert Todd Lincoln was the first born who lived farther than his teenage years and was an American Lawyer and a secretary of war. He lived for a long time.