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Q: What were the British called?
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What country's speak British?

British is spoken in Brittany, where it is called Breton, and in Wales, where it is called Welsh.

Is the British rule called a monarchy?

Yes,The British Rule is called a Monarchy.

What was the British colony of India called?

The British Raj

What were British law makers called when they ruled the colonies?

The British laws were called the Townshend Acts.

What is a British fighter aircraft called?

The current British fighter aircraft is called Eurofighter Typhoon.

What was Belize called before 1981?

British Honduras British Honduras British Honduras

Why is Ireland called the British Isle?

Ireland is not called the British Isle. The island of Ireland is beside the island of Britain. Collectively and with some of their surrounding islands, they are sometimes called the British Isles.

The continental system called for this action against british ports what was this called?

The Continental System called for an embargo against British trade.

What was the British name for Zambia?

The British called it Northern Rhodesia.

What is the mountain range in British Columbia called?

The mountain range in British Columbia is called the Rocky Mountains.

What was the British version of congress called?

The British version is called Parliament. It is basically like our congress, just called something different.

What was the term applied by the british to the colonists?

The colonists called the British soldiers Red Coats. This is because of the uniforms they wore, which were red. The British called the colonists Yankees.