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one of the programs of our former president Cory Aquino is the CARP

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Q: What were the Programs of Philippine presidents?
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Who are the presidents of the Philippine republic?

benigno simeon aqino

What is the first Philippine presidents middle name?


Who were the presidents in the third and fourth Philippine republic?

The presidents of the third Philippine republic were: * Manuel Roxas * Elpidio Quirino * Ramon Magsaysay * Carlos Garcia * Diosdado Macapagal The fourth Philippine republic only had Ferdinand Marcos as president.

Achievements and failure of Philippine presidents?

failures of the president of the philippines

Economic policies of Philippine presidents from roxas to arroyo?

yawa! wala..

Middle name of Philippine presidents?

Some of the middle names of Philippine presidents include Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy, Manuel Quezon Molina, Elpidio Quirino Rivera, Ramon Magsaysay del Fierro, and Carlos Garcia Polistico.

What are the programs and project of the Philippine government in itinerant?

the check

Who are the fourteen Philippine presidents and what were their accomplishments?

They are the presidents, numbering fourteen, whose accomplishments comprise those things they have successfully completed doing.

Whom of the Philippine presidents was jailed?

He is the former president Erap Ejercito Estrada.

How can translate this sentence in English pang lan pangulo si gma?

In the line/order of Philippine Presidents, what is GMA's rank? What position in the sequence of Philippine Presidents is GMA? ON WHAT NUMERICAL ORDER AS PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES IS GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO? Among the fifteen presidents of the Philippines, what place is GMA?

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