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Q: What were the results of John Browns raid on Harper and Ferry?
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What did john browns raid on Harper ferry accomplish?


What was the city that became famous by john browns raid?

Harper's Ferry

What town was the site of John browns famous raid?

Harper's Ferry

Why is John Browns raid on Harper's ferry a turning point?

it started the Civil War

Why is john browns harpers ferry raid considered a turning point on the road of war?

A. Why was John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry a turning point?

Why is John Browns Harper's ferry raid considered a turning point on the road to war?

yes it is

What was John Browns plan after he captured Harper's Ferry?

Brown hoped that Harper's Ferry would signal a widespread slave rebellion throughout the South. He thought the slaves would converge on Harper's Ferry to receive weapons from he armory Brown had captured there.

What was one effect of john Browns action at Harper's ferry?

It increased tensiond between the north and south.

What was the greatest impact on John Browns raid on Harper's ferry?

The raid deepened the division between the North and South

Why was john browns raid on Harper's ferry a turning point?

because it stopped the comunists in the south from conquering Mexico

Where was john browns raid that killed five pro slavery men located?

The Government arsenal at Harper's Ferry

Why did John Browns raid at Harper's ferry?

Because he was captured by a patrol commanded by Colonel Robert E. Lee.