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Trade was hampered because to go from state to another would mean a person would have to carry around the money from each state they went to. The values would also be different from state to state.

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Q: What were the results of the colonies printing their own monwy?
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How did the colonizers benefits from the colonies they controlled?

The colonizers used the resources of their colonies to grow their own economies.

What individual problems did the original 13 colonies face?

The Thirteen original colonies had a number of problems. First was currency, as a colony they used British currency. During the war, the printed Continental currency to pay for the war. However, after the war, states began printing their own currency, causing confusion and inconsistency. The Constitution moved to stop states from printing their own currency and coinage. Sovereign power to the Thirteen Original Colonies led to confusion, demagoguery, and inconsistencies, this is why the Articles of Confederation failed. There was no presiding power that could regulate trade between the original colonies, or their trade to foreign countries. There was no system of settling disputes between the Thirteen Original Colonies. There was no power to tax the states or people to support the new government, and the Thirteen Original Colonies had dissolved into complete economic disorganization.

What is ben Franklin printing house?

Franklin was an apprentice for his brothers printing business, but he didn't own one.

Why were colonies of settlement able to grow their own industries?

Colonies of settlement were able to control their own future and fate which meant they could grow their own industries. Colonies of exploitation did not have the luxury of controlling their own fate.

What was not a reason to come to the colonies?

to own their own land

What is the Different between new England and middle colonies?

England was in charge of the New England colonies. Where the middle colonies had their own government.

What article of the constitution prohibits states from printing their own money?


What did Ben Franklin's older brother own?

a printing press

What invention was Johannes Gutenberg famous for?

Johannes Gutenberg was known for inventing the printing press around the year of 1450. He was also known for the Gutenberg bible later created with his own printing press.

What is the difference between England colonies and the middle colonies?

England was in charge of the New England colonies. Where the middle colonies had their own government.

What Did Benjamin Franklin do after he an away From His House?

He Opened His Own Printing Shop.

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