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3,500 per year

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Q: What were the salaries of George Washington's cabinet members?
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What was George Washingtons salary?

zero dollars but presidents do have salaries though

Who was involved in Washingtons first cabinet and what were their titles?

John Adams and George Washington

Who was not in the Washingtons 1st cabinet?

Thomas Jefferson was not in George Washington's 1st cabinet. Jefferson served as the United States' first Secretary of State under President Washington's successor, John Adams.

Who was not a member of George Washingtons first cabinet Was it Edmund Randolph Thomas Jefferson Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton or William Simmons?

The members were Jefferson, Randolph, Hamilton, and Knox. Simmons was not a member.

What was George washingtons cabinet?

A group of his best men that he set as his advisors in every section... war, state, etc.

What word was used to refer to President George Washingtons department heads and attorney general?

This group is called the president's cabinet.

What is george washingtons cabinet?

I have not heard that exact term before, but I believe what it refers to is that Washington, being the first president, had to establish the entire presidential cabinet himself, as it is not dictated in the constitution.

The members of George Washington's cabinet were among his most important what?


Why did some members of Congress criticize George Washingtons pronouncement about staying out of disputes between European countries?


Who were members of George Washingtons Cabinet back in the lat 1700's?

sec. of state- Thomas Jefferson, sec. of treasury- Alexander Hamilton, sec. of war- Henry Knox, 1st chief justice-john jay, attorney general-Edmund Randolph

What were George Washington responsibility as a president?

One of the responsibilities of George Washington as a President was to oversee the formation of a strong functional government. He did so with the help of a cabinet system that still exists today.

Why did the president create the cabinet?

The Cabinet was created by George Washington, the first President of the United States. He appointed four Cabinet members to help him in fulfill his responsibilities and give him advice.