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Well, how would you feel if you had to march around in the cold and have to live in the conditions they lived in? They probably were very uncomportable and miserable and sometimes felt like to just die. However that's just what I think they felt like, take it as if you were in there shoes.

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Q: What were the views of a soldier in the Continental Army?
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Which french soldier aided the Continental Army?


Who was the paid soldier in Continental Army who fought the british army?

At the time the country was 90% farms, so the majority of the continental army were farmers.

American soldier during rev war?

Continental Army.

Who was a paid soldier in the continental army who fought the British?

At the time the country was 90% farms, so the majority of the continental army were farmers.

Who served as a soldier in the continental army during the American revolution?

90% were farmers serving in the colonial army.

Which woman served as a soldier in the-Continental Army?

James armistead,an african American was

What was the continental army and who was in charge of it?

The continental army of the Civil war was the army of the Continental United States. The main, and best (he won many battles) soldier was General George McClellan.

Who was a soldier for the british in the french and Indian war and later he went on to be in charge of the continental army?

George Washington.

Why do you think soldier in the consider Continental Army might consider deserting?

Because he had more wars for there war

What was the name of the colonists' army?

The Continental Army.

What was American army led by George Washington called?

George Washington was commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War against Britain.

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William Eaton was a soldier with the US Continental Army and then with the United States Army, reaching the rank of General. He participated in the First Barbary War as well as the Battle of Derne.