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Question what were some vauluble world events in 1997 what were some important world events that happened in 1997

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Q: What were top 5 world history events in 1997 to present time 2008?
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What main world events happened in 1997?

dude wikipedia 1997

What happen in 1997 that is history?

For a list of significant events that happened in 1997, please see the related link.

World events that happened in 1997?

The World Flatulence Congress was held in Naples, Italy.

What were some notable world events of December 4 1997?

That's the day I was born!

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What big world events happened between the years 1997 - 2009?

* Twin towers attacked * H1N1 out break

What important world events happened before 1997?

the fall of the Berlin wall(1989, the fall of comminsts(1991), k-19(1961), and lots of other events.

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What events took place in 1997?

Lots of historical events took place in 1997. One such event was on January 3rd, 1997 Bryan Gumbel left the Today show.

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