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Q: What would happen if Robespierre took over today?
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What would happen if Leonardo were here today?

He would be sensational. Over 550 years old!

which of the following describes a difference between the french goverments under maximilien de robespierre and napoleon bonaparte?

Robespierre ruled over a representative government, while Napoleon ruled over a dictatorship

Why did wars happen in olden days?

Mostly for the same reasons they happen today, over ownership of natural resources.

What would happen if the earth flipped over?

we would die

Does flooding still happen in Egypt today?

yes it does,the Nile goes over the top, now and then.

Why did Robespierre take control?

he was a tyrant who wanted to take over the french revolution and be in charge of its triumph

What would happen to an organism if it didn't have a skeleton?

It would fall over..

What would happen if you over-inflate a ball?

It explodes

What would happen if a reptile got over heated?

if a reptile got over heated it would cook

What would happen if the earth had less light and heat?

It would freeze over.

What would happen if you accidentally ran over the Pope?

I would call an ambulance.

What will happen if you had no frogs?

there would be an over excessive amount of flies