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in the year 1776

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Q: What year did the patriots and the loyalists start to fight?
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Who were the texas patriots and what year did they fight?

I donn know ^__^

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What year did war start in gallipoli?

The fight at gallipoli was a campaign, not a war. It started in the year 1915.

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The name was changed for the start of the 1971 season when the team moved to Foxborough.

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How did the war affect minority groups during the American revolutionary war?

Well, there were three main groups in the revolutionary war. There were the loyalists which supported the king, the patriots wanted freedon from the king, the neautralists had not choosen a side. Other than those three groups I'm not 100% sure if any other groups even exist but that is definatly the three main groups and they were all effected because the loyalists lost, the patriots won, the neutralists were pushed to the patriot side because the patriots got there way

Why did it take more than two year for the British and the American's to agree to the terms of the treaty of Paris?

I think it is because before, the British and Patriots were determined, but then British started to lose their advantages and surrendered to the Patriots who were willing to fight till the end. However, the British started to lose hope.

What year did that British and the Patriots were in war?

it was in 1775

What year did the patriots go together?


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