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George Washington refused to take needed supplies from civilians because he had a great respect for the rule of law. He felt that the role of the government should be to protect the rights of its citizens, and that the rule of law should be followed not only by citizens, but by government as well. To take the supplies needed by force, Washington would have been violating the rights of the citizens from whom he took.

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Q: When Congress urged George Washington to get much needed supplies from civilians why did he refuse?
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Why was George Washington's army losing supplies?

Actually, they weren't . Washington was a smart politician. He sent letters to congress stating he needed supplies, but he didn't . He knew if he admitted they were doing good that congress would reduce funding, so to prevent that he told them supplies were low.

What was Whashington's relationship with congress?

George Washington had a difficult relationship with Congress which dated back to the Revolutionary War days when he begged them for supplies that they refused to allocate. As a result, Washington did whatever he could, especially in terms of the military, without Congress.

Who was chosen by the second Continental congress to lead the army?

George WashingtonGeorge Washington

How did George Washington help the continentional army?

George Washington helped the Continental Army by giving them food, supplies,and money.

Who made George Washington the leader of the Continental amry?

George Washington was given command of the Continental Army by the Second Continental Congress.

Who did the second continental congress choose to lead the continental army?

George Washington...

Who was the second Continental congress appointed as the commander-in-chief of the colonial army?

George Washington was named leader.

Who lead the constitutional congress?

George Washington.

Who leads congress constitution?

George Washington.

Why was George Washington's job as commander of the Continental Army difficult?

he had untrained volunteers, terms of service were short, congress did not give the army enough supplies

Who was appointed as the commander-in-chief of the colonial army during the second continental congress?

George Washington

When did the congress meet for the first time?

Before George Washington was inaugurated.