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Q: When a congressperson gets a scolding it is called a?
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Why does your German shephard bark at you when he gets a scolding?

Simple dominance ! He sees you as inferior to his authority, and retaliates when scolded !

Scolding was illegal in Ireland What does scolding mean?

Scolding is verbal or physical disciplining of a child. So if you slap a child or give out to them, you are scolding them.

A Congressperson who likes an idea and introduces it as a bill to Congress and speaks in favor of it is called?

a sponsor

Who are the people who are represented by congressmen?

A congressperson represents the citizens who live in the congressperson's district.

What is a sentence with the word scolding?

She gave her son a stern scolding for not doing his homework.

What is the name for a scolding woman?

Harridan:noun: A woman regarded as scolding and vicious.Scolder:noun: An offensive term for a woman who annoys a man by constantly reminding him to do something.Shrew:noun: A woman with a violent, scolding, or nagging temperament.Termagant:noun: A quarrelsome, scolding woman.

Is a warning the same as a reproof?

No A reproof is a scolding. A warning is a hint of a possible scolding if a behaviour is continued.

Topic: A speech honoring a well-respected congressperson after his or her death, Audience: Members of congress, friends and family of the congressperson, the general public. Which use of media is most inappropriate for this scenario?

A video of the congressperson's response to a scandal :) -Apex-

What is the address of your US Congressperson?

wat the is the answer!!!!!

Is scolding a sort of punishment?

Scolding is verbal punishment. Kind of like wagging your finger and telling someone that what they did is wrong.

What does the term scolding mean?

Definitions of scolding on the Web: * chiding: rebuking a person * A succession of critical remarks, such as those directed by a parent towards a misbehaving

How many times can a congressperson be reeleted?