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All of the above (the governments of ancient Greece and Rome, the writings of Rousseau and Locke, and their own State governments)

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Q: When crafting the new constitution the framers drew from their experiences with which?
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What do people call the system devised by the Framers of the Constitution that prevents any one branch of government from gaining too much power over any other branch?

The Framers of the US Constitution drew upon the works of John Locke and Montesquieu. Additionally, the US Framers also drew upon the English Puritan revolution of the 1640's. In a manner of speaking, the US became the first "republic" since ancient Rome was a semi- republic.

Which enlightenment thinkers and their beliefs and judeo-christian beliefs did the framers use?

The framers of the US Constitution were influenced by Enlightenment thinkers such as John Locke, who espoused ideas about natural rights and limited government. They also drew from Judeo-Christian beliefs regarding concepts like moral law and the inherent value of individuals. These influences helped shape the principles of individual liberty, equality, and separation of powers that are reflected in the Constitution.

What influence the framers in the development of the constitution?

Some of the works: William Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England, Baron de Montesqieu's The Spirit of the Laws, Jean Jacques Rousseau's Two Treatises of Government, and others. Also drew on their own experiences.The strongest would be the Rationalist ideas. Also known as the Enlightenment period or the Age of reason, it was out of this philosophy that the idea of human beings having inherent rights came from.

Who was te English Philosopher that the framers drew from on the idea of establishing a system of law?

John Locke was the English philosopher who heavily influenced the framers of the American Constitution with his ideas of natural rights, social contract theory, and limited government. His works, such as the "Two Treatises of Government," were instrumental in shaping the principles of individual freedoms and the rule of law in the American legal system.

What were the ideological and philosophical traditions used by the Framers?

The Framers were influenced by a number of democratic principles. In particular, they drew on the ideas of John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Jean Jacques Rousseau, and various philosophers of the Enlightenment.

Who drew up the Japanese constitution?

Doug MacArthur

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any poeple who want to live there

Does Egypt go by the US Constitution?

No, but...why would they? The US Constitution governs the United States, NOT other countries. Each country has the right to govern themselves. You might be confusing the US Constitution with the United Nations (UN) resolutions against human rights violations? The USConstitution with the United Nations (UN) resolutions are completely different and separate from each other. It is true that many governments have referred to the US Constitution when crafting their own documents, but in doing so they are implicitly referring to other documents.The US and Egypt both drew heavily from even older documents and writings in crafting the documents establishing their form of government. Each nation has tailored their government to their local values; for example I would expect that Egypt would refer to the Koran. I doubt the authors of the US Constitution did so.

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Which two Presidents helped write the Constitution?

George Washington and James Madison both participated in the Constitutional Convention of 1787.Madison was particularly important as he was on of the authors of the Virginia Plan, an early draft on which the Framers drew heavily and George Washington chaired the convention.

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