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Until the 19th century England WAS the leading State in all the world, using accepted definitions.

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If you're referring to England as Britain, Britain has always had independence.

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Q: When did England gain independence?
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When did York England gain independence?


From whom did America gain its independence?


Who did England gain independence?

England has always been an independent country.

What country were the colonies trying to gain independence from?


What year did England gain its independence?

England has been independent since the Romans left.

Did Ireland gain independence from England in the 20th century?

Yes, in 1922

What led to war with Britain?

Primarily, the colonists' desire to gain independence from England.

When did central American countries gain their independence?


Why did Americans follow the laws of England for many years?

Because America did not gain its independence from England until 1776.

How did us gain independence from England?

Fought a 5 year war from 1776-1783.

What country did you fight to gain your independence from during the revolutionary war?

Great Britain

When did most central American countries gain their independence?