When did George Lefroy die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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George Lefroy died in 1919.

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Q: When did George Lefroy die?
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When was George Lefroy born?

George Lefroy was born in 1854.

What has the author George Alfred Lefroy written?

George Alfred Lefroy has written: 'The life and letters of George Alfred Lefroy D. D., Bishop of Calcutta, and metropolitan'

When did William Lefroy die?

William Lefroy died in 1909.

When did John Henry Lefroy die?

John Henry Lefroy died in 1890.

When did Henry Lefroy die?

Henry Lefroy died on 1930-03-19.

When did Harold Maxwell-Lefroy die?

Harold Maxwell-Lefroy died in 1925.

When did Anthony O'Grady Lefroy die?

Anthony O'Grady Lefroy died in 1897.

When did Percy Lefroy Mapleton die?

Percy Lefroy Mapleton died in 1881.

When did Anthony Lefroy - Irish politician - die?

Anthony Lefroy - Irish politician - died in 1890.

When did Thomas Langlois Lefroy die?

Thomas Langlois Lefroy died on 1869-05-04.

What has the author Thomas Lefroy written?

Thomas Lefroy has written: 'Memoir of Chief Justice Lefroy'

When was William Lefroy born?

William Lefroy was born in 1836.