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George Tattersall died in 1849.

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George Tindall died in 2006.

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Q: When did George Tattersall die?
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When was George Tattersall born?

George Tattersall was born in 1817.

When did Roy Tattersall die?

Roy Tattersall died in 2011.

When did Geoffry Tattersall die?

Geoffry Tattersall died in 1972.

When did Wally Tattersall die?

Wally Tattersall died on 1968-12-30.

When did Alfred John Tattersall die?

Alfred John Tattersall died in 1951.

When did Walter Medley Tattersall die?

Walter Medley Tattersall died in 1943.

When did Thomas Tattersall die?

Thomas Tattersall died on 1905-08-15.

What has the author George Tattersall-Walker written?

George Tattersall-Walker has written: 'John Smith's Tadcaster Brewery Ltd' -- subject(s): Breweries, History, John Smith's Tadcaster Brewery

When did Viva Tattersall die?

Viva Tattersall died on January 19, 1989, in Loma Linda, California, USA of cancer.

What is the birth name of Viva Tattersall?

Viva Tattersall's birth name is Vera Tattersall.

What has the author George Tattersall written?

George Tattersall has written: 'The cracks of the day' -- subject(s): Horse racing, Horse-racing 'The lakes of England' 'The pictorial gallery of English race horses' -- subject(s): Horses, Race horses, Horse racing, Pedigrees

When was Geoffry Tattersall born?

Geoffry Tattersall was born in 1882.