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In between the 1600-1680 the date is unsure.

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Q: When did the pilgrims leave the dutch?
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What continent did the pilgrims leave?

what continent did the Pilgrims leave from?what continent did the Pilgrims leave from?

What continent did the Pilgrims leave from?

The Pilgrims left Europe, specifically England, to seek religious freedom in the New World.

Who came to the new world after the pilgrims?

the Dutch

Why didn't the pilgrims leave America?

the pilgrims didn't leave America because the didn't want to.

Is the Dutch colony part of the Pilgrims?

AnswerYes The dutch is another name for pilgrims. They came to America for religious freedom. Actually the Dutch Colony was not a part of the Pilgrims that colonized America. The Dutch established the colony of New Netherland - which is New York today.The Pilgrims were very strict with who lived in their colony and only allowed people who worshipped and believed as they did. There are several examples of individuals who were kicked out the the Pilgrim colony and they ended up living in New Netherland because the Dutch colony was very ethnically diverse, welcoming everyone.

Why did the Pilgrims primarily leave England?

The Pilgrims were seeking religious freedom.

Where did the pilgrims leave from?

The pilgrims left from SouthHampton, England. They left on September 6,1620.

When did the pilgrims leave holland?

1608!! :)

How did the pilgrims leave England?

On the Mayflower

Who landed at Plymouth and why did they leave England?


When the pilgrims leave England for America?


Why did the pilgrims want to leave America?

They did not want to leave America they wanted to go there.