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every four months

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Q: When does the judicial branch meet?
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What branch explains laws whenever there is a disagreement over them?

judicial branch

What qualifications of the supreme court justice are?

leads the judicial branch

What branch decides cases between citizens of different states?

All levels of courts fall within the judicial branch.

The courts are a part of the branch.?

Judicial Branch

What branch has the power to declare an executive act unconstitutional?

The Judicial Branch had this power. The process in which this branch declare laws constitutional or unconstitutional is called the Judicial Review

What are the 3 branches of goverenment of the us?

The first branch of the US government is the Legislative Branch. This consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives, which have the power to create statutory laws. The second branch is the Executive Branch. This consists of the President, the Presidential cabinet, and Government Organizations (TSA, FAA, etc...). The third and final branch is the Judicial Branch. This is composed of the United States Courts.

What building does the legislative branch meet to work?

The legislative branch along with all the other branches of government meet at The Capitol Building! (All branches of government are: judicial, legislative, and consecutive.)

Which branch of government has a jury member?

Judicial Branch

What branch of government can control patronage?

judicial branch

Which branch decides if the actions of the executive branch are constitutional?

The judicial branch. The Supreme Court is the Judicial Branch of the US Government.

Which branch of government can try disputes between states?

the judicial branch

What branch is the court of appeals in?

the judicial branch