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when immunity cannot be invoked

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Q: When is parliamentary immunity cannot be invoked?
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The legislature holds the center of power?

Parliamentary Model

When can a senator be arrested?

When ever he commits a crime. (A Senator cannot be held accountable for any action taken in connection with the execution of his mandate) That does not mean he cannot be arrested. If the rest of the senators in office think he should be punished for his actions then he will be, but if the other senators do not think he should be punished, the crime can be put to a pending crime and he can be charged for it when he is released from office. (Matters that cannot be pursued while a senator is protected by the parliamentary immunity are not subject to the statute of limitations. Therefore, if a proceeding against a senator cannot be continued during his term of office (i.e. he is not willing to forfeit his right to immunity and the Senate does not agree to revoke it), then it can be resumed after the term of office ends.) (A senator cannot be arrested or retained without the Senate's permission unless he is caught in the commission of an offence, and that only if the arrest is indispensable to ensuring a proper course of the criminal proceeding.)

What is more efficient parliamentary or presidential?

Generally, a Parliamentary system will get work done quicker, but a Presidential system is sometimes desirable because it partly limits the government.

What is the difference between a parliamentary and presidential system and 1 example?

Parliamentary is the British political system. Presidential is the American political system.

Constitutional monarchy is most similar to which other system of government?

Parliamentary democracy

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What is it called when someone cannot be arrested?

Diplomatic Immunity

Why is active immunity so important?

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Can illegal drugs give you immunity?

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What is privilege speech?

Privilege speech is an legal immunity that some legislators will enjoy in the course of their duties. This is also known as parliamentary privilege and given the legislators protection for their actions.

What is the difference between absolute immunity and sovereign immunity?

The difference of absolute immunity from sovereign immunity is that all personal civil liability without limits or conditions even as a requirement of good faith and compare qualified immunity are exempted. Meanwhile, sovereign immunity is the absolute immunity of a sovereign government that prevents it from being sued.

What is the negative effects Parliamentary government to people?

Parliament cannot make quick descisions for the people.

What is the relationship between immunity and proprietary mental function?

In tort cases, immunity implies that a person cannot be held liable because he or she was acting on behalf of an entity. Proprietary functions are functions that could have been performed by a proprietary entity but were performed by the government. If a person acts because of a proprietary function, that person cannot be granted immunity.

What is sovereign immunity?

Absolute sovereign immunity is a protocol that states someone, like a king, cannot commit any wrong doing. This applies to either criminal or civil matters.

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