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You need to check your grammar. This is so messed up that no one can answer this question. Please refrain from writing any more questions because this is the type of thing that reduces a person's faith in humanity and faith in us as a species. If aliens exist somewhere and read this to gather information on us, they would just call off any invasion realizing that the earth is infested with organisms that think like this and it would be a waste to even try to conquer this planet. So please, just stop.

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Q: When questions about George Washington?
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What list of questions did George Washington give his cabinet in 1793?

it was national trade agreement

Why did people questions George Washington's leadership?

They had lost 7 wars by October 1776.

Commanded the Continental Army?

George Washington

Who is the father of our country''?

George Washington

What did the George Washington Carver do for George Washington?

Nothing. George Washington Carver was born after George Washington had died.

Who delivered the messages from Governor Dinwiddie to the French?

George Washington George Washington GEORGE WASHINGTON

Who was the fisrt US president?

All US Presidents are Americans. George Washington was the first.

Who was the Washington monument named after?

It was named after George Washington. It was named after George Washington.

Who is the first president of US?

George Washington. I hope this is not a trick question.

What is George Washington's birth name?

George Washington's birth name was George Washington.

Who was chosen by the second Continental congress to lead the army?

George WashingtonGeorge Washington

Did George Washington Carver ever meet George Washington?

No- George Washington died long before George Washington Carver was born.