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He was never the presdeint

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Q: When was Benjamen Franklin president?
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Was Benjamen Franklin a president?


What did Franklin do?

Benjamen Franklin discovered electricity

What job did benjamen Franklin do?

Benjamin Franklin was an inventor.

Is benjamen Franklin a quaker?

No, he is a corpse.

What state did benjamen Franklin represent?


Who wote the bill of rights?

Benjamen Franklin

How do you spell benjamen Franklin middle school?

Benjamin Franklin Middle School

Who was the first pair eyeglasses made by?

Benjamen Franklin

Who was oldest delagate at the Constitutional Convention?

benjamen Franklin

Who was the author of Poor Richards Almac?

Benjamen Franklin

When was benjamen Franklin born?

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706

What kind of race was Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin was white.