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George Washington began his term in 1789. He served two terms.

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George Washington died on December 14, 1799.

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Q: When was george washingtin president?
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How many years was george washingtin president?

The 1st President of the United States was George Washington from April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797

This person was appointed by president George Washington to help survey the land that would become washingtin dc?

Benjamin Banneker ~alb

Where was George Washington Carver from?

George washingtin caver was born in Missouri in 1860

Who was George Washingtin's married to?

He married a widow called Martha Dandridge Custis.

Did george washingtin caver get good grades?

No. He wasn't allowed to go to school. African Americans were not allowed to attend schools or to read and write.

Where are the rules of the US government written?

washingtin d.C

Was the movie enough filmed in Michigan?

No it was filmed in Gig Harbor Washingtin

Who was first Clinton or bush as president?

In order : President George Bush, President Clinton, and then President George W. Bush (President George Bush's son).

When did washingtin becom a state?

Washington become a state on November 11 1889

What is the number of presidencies from George Washington to George W. Bush?

George Washington was the 1st president, George Walker Bush is the 43rd president.

The second president to be elected after their father was president?

The second president to be elected after his father was president was George W. Bush. George Bush was the 41st president and George W. Bush was the 43rd president.

Who was George Wationton's vice president?

John Adams was the vice President under President George Washington from 1789-1797. Dan Quayle was the Vice President to George Herbert Walker Bush. Dick Cheney was the Vice President to George Walker Bush.