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Q: When was the The American Equal Rights Association passed?
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When was American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights created?

American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights was created in 2003.

What did Susan B. Anthony believe?

That both men & women shall have equal rights. (American Equal Rights Association a.k.a. ERA)

What is the 14th amendment impact on founding of the American Equal Rights Association?

Congress have power to enforce by appropriate legislation.

Susan Anthony and elizabeth Stanton were responsible for starting the American womens equal suffrage rights association in 1866?


Native American civil rights movement?

The Native American civil rights movements sought equal treatment and basic civil rights for Native Americans. In 1968 the Indian Civil Rights Act was passed and it granted Native Americans many civil rights.

What year did Stanton and Anthony form the Equal Rights Association?

They formed the association in January 1866

Can someone explain the life of Lucy Stone?

Lucy Stone was an women's rights activist. She helped to found the American Equal Rights Association and the New Jersey Women's Suffrage Association. She spoke quite strongly in what she believed in and attended college despite her parents' wishes.

What impact did Susan B. Anthony have on Progressive era reforms?

Susan B. Anthony established the American Equal Rights Association. She worked with Lucretia Mott and Lucy Stone to do this. Anthony worked towards equal rights and specifically, the Women's Suffrage Movement.

When was the Equal Pay Act passed?

The Equal Pay Act was passed in 1963 and suggests that everyone no matter what age race or gender should be paid the same to do the same job with the same responsibilities. Following the American Civil Rights Movement.

What did lucretia mott spoke out against?

Lucretia Mott spoke out against slavery. She was one of the first women to be active in the American Equal Rights Association and became its first president.

Why is the civil rights act of 1866 important?

A law passed to protect the rights of freed slaves and to guarantee equal rights to blacks

What amendment does equal rights fall under?

It isn’t an amendment, but a law passed in 1965 as the Civil Rights Act.