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Q: When was the gold standard abolished?
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Who was the first to adopt the gold standard?

The gold standard was first adopted in Britain in 1821Read more: gold-standard

What does the G stand for in penicillin G?

penicillin G stands for the phrase gold standard, as in gold standard penicillin.

Who opposed gold standard?

the democrats opposed the gold standard. the republicans supported it.

Who is the gold standard in WWE?

gold standard, is the nickname (gimmick) of Shelton Benjamin

When was Gold Standard Laboratories created?

Gold Standard Laboratories was created in 1993.

How many countries use the gold standard?

There are no countries today that are using the gold standard.

Is the US using the gold standard for 2010?

No, they stopped using the gold standard in 1971

What is a a monetary standard in which one ounce of gold equaled a set number of dollars?

gold standard

What is the monetary standard in which one ounce of gold equals a set number of dollars?

The monetary standard in which one ounce of gold equals a set number of dollars is known as the gold standard. Under this system, the value of a country's currency is directly linked to a specific amount of gold.

When did US go off gold standard?

us went off gold standard in 1933

What is gold parity standard?

Gold parity standard is the current system used instead of the international gold standard. This system was made in 1946 by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

What was the gold standard in 1861?

The gold standard was a period when countries used gold as currency. It cannot be said that it started in 1861. Britain followed this standard in 1821, and the US in 1879.