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The last series was dated 1934, but it was printed until 1945. The Fed distributed them to banks as late as 1969.

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Q: When was the last 5 hundred dollar bill made?
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What is the highest dollar bill made in circulation?

The one hundred.

Is a one dollar bill and one hundred dollar bill made of the same material?

No, a one dollar bill and a one hundred dollar bill are not made of the same material. One dollar bills are made of a combination of cotton and linen fibers, while one hundred dollar bills are printed on a special type of paper that includes a blend of cotton and linen with added security features.

1935 one hundred dollar bill worth?

100 dollar bills were not made in a 1935. Post a new question with the correct date.

What year was the last Canadian 2 dollar bill made?

february 18, 1996

What was the last year the 2 dollar bill was made?

The $2 bill has never been discontinued in the US. The most recent printing is the 2013 series.

Is the thousand dollar bill still made?

The 1,000 dollar bill was discontinued in 1964.

Can a fifty dollar bill be made from a five dollar bill?

only if you have amazing counterfeiting talent :-)

Who made a 1million dollar bill?

That is actually not a million dollar bill note, but makes million dollar bills.

What was the highest us bill ever made?

It was the one hundred thousand (100,000) dollar bill. These bills were only used for intra-governmental money transfers. The largest circulation bill ever issued was ten thousand (10,000) dollars. Since 1945 it has been one hundred (100).

What are Series 2003 hundred dollar bill security features?

The series 2003 is similar to the 1996, but was made by the federal reserve because of the issues they were having with the 2009.

What is the highest bill money made?

million dollar bill

What does G7 stand for on the front of a twenty dollar bill?

A G7 20 dollar bill is made in Chicago.