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1945. The last 90% silver half-dime (small, 90% silver pieces worth 5 cents) was struck in 1873, after that, only copper-nickel 5 cent pieces were struck. However, due to a shortage of nickel during WWII, some 1942 nickels and all 1943-1945 nickels contain 35% silver. These nickels can be distinguished from nickels without silver by the large mintmark over the Monticello.

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Q: When was the last American five cent coin made of silver?
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What is the value of a 1963 twenty five cent silver coin?

About $3.25 for its silver content.

What is an American 5 cent coin called?

A five cent coin in the United States is called a nickel.

Who is on the American five cent coin?

The obverse of the American five-cent coin, minted in its current form since 1938, has featured a picture of Thomas Jefferson on the obverse.

What do you call a five cent coin?

A five cent coin is generally called a nickel.

What is the worth of a British silver five cent 1899 coin?

Such a coin does not exist. The British have never issued a "cent" coin. The 5 New Pence coin was first issued in 1968.

Which animal has it on the five cent coin?

An echidna is on the five cent coin.

What is a 1941 USA silver twenty five cent coin worth?

Depending on how much wear the coin has values are $3.00-$5.00

Which animal has its picture on the five cent coin in Australia?

Echidna is the five cent coin in Australia

What is on the surface of an Italian five-cent coin?

Nothing. There is no such thing as an Italian five cent coin.

When was Australian five-cent coin created?

Australian five-cent coin was created in 1966.

Does an Australian five cent coin conduct electricity?

The Australian five-cent coin is composed of 75% copper and 25% nickel. Both of these metals are comparitively good electrical conductors. Copper, in particular, is the second best, after silver.

What is a 1930 silver five cent coin worth?

The US Mint did not issue a silver nickel in 1930. Please examine the coin again and post a new question with more information concerning this coin.