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Q: Where did British troops surrender at?
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When did British General Burgoyne surrender at Saratoga?

The troops surrendered after the french came.

What british general was forced to surrender his troops after being defeated at the battle of freeman's farm?

george washington

How many british trooprs surrendered at Singapore?

108,000 troops surrendered to the japanese. The largest surrender in Britain's history.

What was Laura Secords role in the war of 1812?

She warned the british by walking aprx. 30 km about a suprise attack. Forcing the surrender of the troops.

Who is general Cornwalliss?

General Cornwallis, Charles Cornwallis, was a British general who was surrounded by French troops and had to surrender which ended the American Revolution.

Why were french and Americans troops able to force Cornwallis to surrender quickly?

They surrendered so fast because the Americans and French had so many troops the British surrendered because they had no chance. 😃

Who accepted the surrender of Japanese troops in southern Vietnam following the end of World War 2 and rearmed the French?

In August of 1945, the British Allies accepted the surrender of Japanese troops in southern Vietnam. Lord Mountbatten, who was the Supreme Allied Commander of the Southeast Asia Command accepted the surrender, and later the French reasserted control of Saigon.

How was the Battle of Yorktown fought?

The Battle of Yorktown was fought because Lord Cornwallis believed that by having the British troops camp out in Yorktown Virginia they could force American troops to surrender control of the Carolina territories. George Washington marched the American troops into Yorktown and demanded that the British troops leave. This was the final battle of the American Revolution.

Where did George Washington accepted the surrender of the British?

During the American Revolution, the most important surrender by British troops took place in Yorktown, Virginia, in 1781. There, with the help of French troops and naval forces, it was General George Washington who received the surrender of a British force, led by Lord Cornwallis, that had been surrounded, blockaded, and then finally defeated.

Why do you think general cornwallis decided to surrender qt the battle of Yorktown?

During the Siege of Yorktown, Cornwallis and his men ended up being completely surrounded by U.S. and French troops, both army and navy. Cornwallis had no choice but to surrender. Over 7,000 British troops were captured in the siege.

He commanded the British troops in North America when Cornwallis surrendered?

The Commander of the British Forces during the surrender was General William Howe. Howe replaced General Gage who returned to England after the Battle of Bunker Hill.

When did British troops leave Maldives?

when did british troops leaves maldives