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Q: Where did aristocracy take place?
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Aristocracy is a type of what?

Aristocracy is a type of government.

Who were the aristocracy?

Planter Aristocracy is a tobacco and slavery powered form of democracy titled the planter aristocracy.

What country is ruled by aristocracy?

Saudi Arabia is an aristocracy.

What is a state ruled by a noble class?

An aristocracy.

What are some examples of aristocracy?

The aristocracy are the nobles of a country. A country ruled by such people may also be called an aristocracy

What were tha positive aspects of aristocracy?

It creates stability. Since aristocracy is inherited, the sons (and sometimes daughters) are trained to take over the fathers' duties. A formal aristocracy saves the very rich class the need to spend money to corrupt government officials and spend billions $ on influencing election results.

What is the Greek meaning for aristocracy?

The Greek meaning for aristocracy is αριστοκρατία.

When was American Aristocracy created?

American Aristocracy was created in 1916.

What is a good sentence for aristocracy?

The aristocracy always has more than the ordinary person. People love reading about what the aristocracy is doing.

What is the duration of American Aristocracy?

The duration of American Aristocracy is 3120.0 seconds.

What is the opposite of aristocracy?

The opposite of aristocracy (heriditary nobility) would be commoners.

Was the yuan dynasty meritocracy or aristocracy?

They were 'government by foreigners' which is not meritocracy or aristocracy.