Where did the Monk's live?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Answer 1: The monks live in monasteries.

Answer 2: I sometimes wonder why questioners, here, ask questions about monks and friars as if they were something of the past. They exist, today; and live, today, much as they lived centuries ago. Little, in fact, has changed.

And so, then, the first answer, which uses the present-tense "live," and not the past-tense "lived," is accurate in that as well as in that, yes, monks live (and lived, too, in the past) in monasteries.

For more detail, please see the Wiki Answers article/answer that I wrote about how the lives of monks and friars differ. I've placed a link to it down in the "sources and related links" section of this web page, below.

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Q: Where did the Monk's live?
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Where did Irish monks live?

Irish monks did and do live in Ireland in a Monastery.

Do monks live in abbots?

No. Monks live in Abbeys and Abbots are the head of the Abbey.

How are the monks and monasteries related?

Monks live in monasteries.

What is the difference between hermits and monks?

Hermits usually live alone and isolated from a community. Monks live in monasteries, usually with other monks.

Did monks live in England?

no they live in China

Do Buddhist monks live in monasteries what is the place where Buddhist monks live together called?

they live in monastries or something like that. atleast that's what i think

Where did the monks and nuns live in order to dedicate their lives to god?

Those would be monks.

Do monks live in Missouri?

They sure do

Who were the silent Monks?

They were, and still are, the Carthusian Monks and Nuns who live (headquartered) near Grenoble, France.

Where did monks and nuns live in the Middle Ages?

In an nunnery. Monks lived in Monerstrys.

What Catholic order of monks is named after St. Francis of Assisi?

The Franciscan Order. However, they are not monks, they are friars. Monks live in a monastery and work there, friars live in a convent or friary and work in the "real world."

What is called a place where monks live?

Normally it would be called a monastery, although it can also be an Abbey, a Priory, or a Rectory, or even an Archabbey in the case of St. Vincent Archabbey in Latrobe, Pennsylvania; depending on the specific circumstances. There are also several groups of monks, like the Camaldolese and the Carthusians who live in hermitages.