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The word novel comes from French novel, from Latin novellus.

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Q: Where did the word novel came from?
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What is the compound word for novel?

A compound word for novel is storybook.

When was The Word - novel - created?

The Word - novel - was created in 1972.

What came first the name Ebenezer Scrooge or the word 'Scrooge'?

The word "Scrooge" was first used as a slang term to mean a miserly person. The character Ebenezer Scrooge was created by Charles Dickens in his novel "A Christmas Carol" in 1843, which popularized the term.

Who came up with the word atomic bomb?

The science fiction writer H. G. Wells in 1914 in his novel The World Set Free.

Is novel a verb adjective or a noun?

The word 'novel' is both an adjective and a noun. The noun novel is a word for a written work of fiction: My favorite author has just published a new novel. The adjective novel is a word that describes a noun as new, unusual, or interesting: They have a novel approach to promoting our products.

What novel came out of this effort?

Richard Nixon For Presendent

What is the suffix of novel?

The suffix of the word "novel" is "-el."

When did ragtime come about?

the novel came out in: 1975 the musical came out in Broadway in: 1998 the movie came out in: 1981 the music style came out in: 1890s

What is the German word for novel?

Novel, Boken, Roman, Romanen, or Novelle.

What part of speech is novel?

The word novel is a noun. The plural is novels.

How many syllables does novel have?

The word "novel" has two syllables.

1974 novel benchley to spielberg movie?

Jaws, based on Benchley's novel, directed by Spielberg, came out in 1975.