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The library of Congress is located in Washington DC. It holds all the books published in America. You've most likely heard of the President's secret book in the popular movie National Treasure. I'm not exactly sure if the book is real, for I've never even been to Washington DC. I wish to believe its real, cause that would be really cool! But you'd have to ask a president if its real, because if its so secret, nobody else would know besides a president, hopefully. It's a secret right? Its a conspiracy theory, do some research, and maybe you'll answer your own question! Some people say its real, some people don't, its a yes or no question but its much more complicated. Hopefully that answered your question.

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yes and the libray of congress is true to it the bigest libray in the worl but i dont if book is in there

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Q: Where is the Libaray of Congress and is the President's secret book real?
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Where is the presidents secret book?

Secret Lives of the U.S. Presidents (Paperback) by Cormac O'Brien (Author). Is this what you wanted? If not. please ask again.

What is at the top of the Library of Congress?

The presidents book

What is the presidents secret book kept?

That was made up for the movie. If it was real, if anyone told you, it wouldn't be a secret

Does the president really have a secret book?

Yes. There probably is. But where it is located, none of us are sure. Some say it's in the library of congress, and others say it's buried some where near the white house. The Presidents secret book probaly contains tips, government secrets, wartime affairs, and important names.

Did Obama get to see the presidents secret book?

Yes. He now knows allot of secrets.

Where is the book The Life of Mordred A Cautionary Tale astro-knight in Poptropica?

i think its in the libaray

Is the president's wife allowed to see the president's secret book?

if there even is one, then no, it is for the presidents eyes only.

Where can I find the captain's log book ffom 3rd rock from the sun?

didnt you hear of the libaray or internet

Is there a real presidents secret book like in national tresure?

That question is best answered by the current President of the United States.

Is the presidents book in the Library of Congress?

No it isn't it's buried at fort knox where the military keeps all the money, but if someone tries to go there it is relocated to Buckingham Palace. Exactly in the movie, the movie is real except for the golden city and the codes. The golden city isn't in mount Rushmore. the codes are not the ones you see in the movie, but mount Rushmore was built to hide and cover a very big USA secret that is in the presidents book at fort knox in Kentucky!

Why does the eagle clutch a scroll on the presidents sea?

the presidential scroll is actually holding olive branches in the real presidential seal. The eagle clutching the scroll symbolizes a "secret book", that only contains presidential information unseen by anyone other than past presidents. Most think of this to be fictional, but information such as Apollo missions, the 18 minutes of Watergate scandal, and Area 51 information, are thought of to exist.

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