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President Vincent

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Q: Which 2 presidents were farmers before elected?
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Which 2 presidents were elected by the house of representatives?

we NEEEDD the answer!! we NEEEDD the answer!!

How may democrat presidents have been elected to two consecutive terms?


How many of your first 10 presidents served 2 terms?

5 of the first 10 presidents were re-elected for a second term.

Why is Bill Clinton not president anymore?

Presidents are elected to 4 year terms, with a maximum serving time of 10 years. Clinton's 2 terms have ended, and new presidents have since been elected.

What 2 religions have most of the presidents been in?

To my knowledge, they have mostly been protestant. I know JFK was the first Catholic - at least he caused a lot of concern with his being Catholic before he was elected.

How many presidents has Haiti had?

Haiti has had 2 presidents, 2 provisional presidents, and has elected it's next president who will take office on 2011 May 14.PresidentsJean-Bertrand AristideRené PrévalMichel Joseph Martelly *(recently elected)Provisional PresidentsÉmile Jonassaint (during Aristide's first exile)Boniface Alexandre (during Aristide's second exile)

What U.S. president served 3 consecutive terms?

FDR was elected to 4 terms (1932, 1936, 1940, and 1944) then died in April 1945.No president before him had been elected to more than 2 terms and after him the 22nd Amendment limited future presidents to no more than 2 terms.

Numbers of years presidents are elected for?

4 years or more only if they get re elected by the people of the United States Of America!!!!

What 2 presidents that lived in the back country?

The people who lived in the back country were the Farmers to farm tobacco, food, and cash crops also.

What is a presidents term?

The amount of time they spend in office. 4 years, unless re-elected, then 8. but they can only serve 2 terms.

What was Final Jeopardy for February 2 2011?

The final category was U.S. Presidents The Clue was: Of the 20 presidents elected to a second term, 2 of the 3 who failed to complete that term The answer was: Who were ABRAHAM LINCOLN, RICHARD NIXON, WILLIAM MCKINLEY (2 OF THE 3 Who FAILED TO COMPLETE THE SECOND TERM).

What part of the constitution is Electoral College?

Article II of the Constitution deals with the executive branch, which would include the president. More specifically, Section 1 of Article II contains clauses that discuss the election, including the election day, the electors, and the qualifications an individual must have before being elected.