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Q: Which African American leader urged African Americans to fight actively against discrimination?
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What did the king offer the African-Americans in the American Revolution?

What did the king offer to the African Americans in the American revolution

How did African Americans respond to white business owners who wouldn't serve them during reconstruction?

In the 1860's African Americans were still considered to be slaves and any discrimination was overlooked. They had no legal means to fight the discrimination and it won't be until 1964 with the passage of the civil rights act that discrimination became illegal.

Which amendments of the constitution protect the rights of women African Americans?

The 15th amendment allowed African American males to vote, and the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote. Native Americans were not considered citizens until 1924, so they did not have the right to vote until then. Even after 1924, some states restricted Native American voting rights based on whether or not they paid property taxes. This discrimination continued until the 1950s. Though African American males were guaranteed the right to vote by the 15th amendment, and African American women by the 19th, many legal and social barriers were quickly created to impede actual voting. These barriers were made illegal in the Civil Rights Act of 1957. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 made all racial discrimination and segregation illegal.

Why did the American federation of labor weaken in the 1920s?

It did not allow African Americans to join.

How did the Great Migration affect the political power of African Americans in the north?

he Great Migration helped to establish the stepping stone for the African American industrial working class. It also paved the way for black political power as the more African Americans migrated, the more they became an acceptable group in society, even though discrimination was still prevalent in certain residential areas.

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Why do Americans have a better memory of African-American discrimination than Asian-American discrimination?

Many Americans have a better memory of African-American discrimination than the Asian-American discrimination because it seems more real to them to their day to day life.

What did african american leaders do to fight discrimination?

African Americans joined the Labor Unions.

What discrimination did African-American soldiers face?

African Americans couldn't socialize with other troops.

What kind of discrimination did African Americans face?

Racial discrimination.

How were African American soldiers differ from white soldiers?

African Americans were still treated with discrimination and prejudice, so they served in racially segregated units.

What role did Ida B Wells play in reform efforts for African Americans?

Ida B. Wells was a journalist who wrote about unequal education opportunities available to African American children. She also drew attention to lynching of African Americans. She wrote directly against discrimination.

What discrimination did African American face?

African Americans couldn't socialize with other troops.

Two different groups in American Society who have faced discrimination?

Many groups in American society have faced discrimination including: African-Americans (slavery, segregation) women (lack of vote, inequitable pay)

Why was discrimination against free African Americans harsher in the south than in the north?

Why do you think that discrimination against free African Americans was harsher in the South than in the North?

What states or countries still support racism against African Americans?

Considering that African-American is an exclusively US American term, the only country involved could be the United States. While de jure discrimination against African-Americans has basically been eradicated, there are numerous indicators of de facto discrimination against African-Americans. For example, in the 2012 Presidential election, several states were trying to require that people present evidence to vote or to curtail the use of absentee ballots. Both of these measures unfairly target African-Americans since many of them use public transportation and thus lack driver's licenses. Additionally, since many of them work multiple jobs, they do not always have the time to go to the polling stations, making absentee ballots necessary. Also the incarceration rate for African-Americans is exceptionally high, which is more of a statement about anti-African-American discrimination than "African-American proclivity to criminal activity".If you just mean Blacks in general, there are several countries in the Sahel region of Africa (especially Sudan) which actively engage in the illegal buying and selling of Black Slaves.

Where did African Americans in the the 1920s faced the most discrimination?

the south, where the Jim crow laws were in effect

Status of African American in Delaware colony?

Delaware was one of the early colonies to outlaw slavery by 1790, but there still was discrimination. African Americans were considered "free men" in the colony.